How clean is clean?

Did you know our dental instruments go through three steps of sterilization?

First, all of our instruments are cleaned in an ultrasonic machine. An ultrasonic cleaner uses sound waves that are outside the human hearing range to form oscillating bubbles, a process called cavitation. These bubbles act on debris to remove it from the instruments.

Second, our dental instruments are loaded into a Hydrim instrument washer. Instrument washers use high-velocity hot water and a detergent to clean instruments and ensure that all debris has been removed.

At this point, our dental instruments are then packaged in envelopes and placed in a sterilizer. We use one of two methods of sterilization. The Steam Autoclave or Steam Statim, both of these methods employ steam under pressure which exceeds 249°F. Once processed, the now sterile instruments are stored in a safe location until use.

Our sterilization machines are tested monthly to ensure that they meet the Center for Disease Control standards. Biological indicators monitor the sterilization process to directly ensure that the most resistant microorganisms are absent.

This process is repeated each time an instrument is used to ensure complete instrument sterilization for our patients.

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